Everything starts with your sponsor

Your sponsor is the one who introduced you to the network, paid Admin Fee for you and is personally responsible for you. He (or She) wants you to succeed and make enough money so you can enjoy life without financial stress and do what you always wanted to do.

First step You need to become Uber Partner in good standing ( follow Rules and Guidance of Uber Partner).If your car is older than 7 years, You still can do delivery for Uber Eats. When You sign with Uber give them Your sponsors name ( there is a promo from Uber paying up to 300$ referral fee for each new Uber Partner). If You are existing Uber Partner, congratulation You did already first step. Next step is Your sponsor  signs You up to the network, URGR8 network. It is a network of profit sharing Uber Partners. Your sponsor pays the administration fee for You and becomes responsible for You. Your sponsor wants You to succeed and become financially independent. You start driving with Uber and promoting Uber business.  You start bringing new Uber Partners to the network and building Your group When Your group grows You will get paid commission based on Your group production.The only way You will be able to get paid commission from your group production is that, You are an Uber driver in good standing and you are making 150$ a Week minimum for yourself with Uber. As a proof of that I need to see your weekly statement from Uber.



The only way You will be able to get paid commission from your group production is that, You are an Uber driver in good standing and you are making 150$ (200$ gross) a Week minimum for yourself with Uber. You drive with Uber and make 150$ a Week (by all means You can drive as much as You wish, 150$ is the minimum which we ask You to do, in order to qualify for the commission). Right now Uber charges 25% fee for their services (25% of 200$ is 50$). From July 1st 2017 there is tax on the fares (in Ontario HST 13%, 13% of 200$ is 26$). You will get paid 176$ (200$-50$ + 26$). Your income is 150$ (HST you pay to Revenue Canada). What we ask for, is another 50$ to contribute to the network of profit sharing Uber Partners (25% of 200$ is 50$). 50$ is the maximum You will pay.


Initial Stage

Next step is You bring three new Partners to the network. You pay Admin Fee for new Partners (100$ for each new partner) and they become your proteges.


If You sponsor new Partners within first month, Your Admin Fee will be 33.90$.



Each of Your three personally sponsored Partners is driving with Uber and makes minimum 200$ a Week gross(level red). Your group makes a total of 800$ (three times 200$ and Yours 200$) gross of the Business Volume ( BV ).

You have reached the most important level in the network, it is a level orange where you start getting paid a commission, based on your group production (BV). Your commission is 5% of your group BV (5% of 800$ is 40$). (Note:one more partner and your commission is 50$, which means you do not pay anymore money out of your pocket ).


The next step is You teach your Partners how they can reach that level and get their commission. You duplicate yourself. As Your group expands, Your commission level goes higher. Next level is 8% when Your group generates 2000$ BV (level yellow).



At this stage your group earning 660$ per week that is 11% of 6000$ BV (level green).



Proceeding similarly , next level is 15% of 18000$ BV (level blue).


When one of Your down line reaches level of 18000$ BV (level blue) and Your other two legs have a total of 9000$ BV and the weakest leg is minimum yellow 2000$ BV, you will be rewarded 900$ a Week residual income for Your effort (level indigo). When You are indigo and one of the legs have an indigo Partner in it and two others legs total BV is at least 12000$ BV , You will get paid 250$ each week for Your effort. If You are indigo and You have a purple Partner in one of Your legs and two other legs total BV is at least 20000$ BV, You will get paid 800$ for your effort.



If You are indigo and three of your legs will have an indigo Partner in it , You will reach level purple and you will get paid 1600$ a Week and You can retire.(till now You were required to drive and make a minimum 200$ gross a week with Uber in order to get commission) As a purple Partner You will get paid 900$ a Week times 3 (2700$) plus 250$ times 3 (750$) plus 1600$ a Week for a total of 5050$ a Week. As a purple partner with three purple legs You will get paid 7450$ a Week. 1000$ a Day? Anyone?



Now lets compare two scenarios, one is an Uber Partner driving with Uber and making 150$ a Week for himself (200$ gross) and number two is the same Uber Partner, driving and making 150$ a Week for yourself and is part of the URGR8 network.


Scenario one:

He (or She) brings a three new drivers to drive for Uber and get paid up to 900$ referral fee from Uber and makes 150$ every Week for yourself. If He (She) wants to make more money, He (She) needs to drive more hours.


Scenario two:

He (She) brings three new drivers to drive for Uber and get paid up to 900$ referral fee from Uber. Pays 300$ Admin Fee for the drivers to join the network and makes 100$ a Week for yourself. (50$ contribution to the network) As you can see it here, scenario 1 makes more money a Week than scenario 2, not for a long though, when there is 5 drivers in the group it is breaking even point. the both scenarios make 150$ a Week. When the group grows to 10 drivers, (2000 BV) scenario 1 makes 150$ a Week and scenario 2 makes 180$ a Week. with 8000 BV (40 people in the group) scenario 2 makes 356$ a Week, 24200 BV scenario 2 makes over 1000$ a Week, while driver in scenario 1 makes 150$


DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this website and business enterprise is to promote recruitment of the Uber Partners and to provide Uber Partners with the opportunity to generate more income for yourself URGR8 company is an independent company and not a part of the Uber